An Autopoietic Repertoire


This paper presents a strategy for natural language processing in natural language. Using a concept as a unit of conversation, defined by a repertoire of phrases, it describes the concept of autopoiesis: a repertoire for the construction of repertoires. A minimal repertoire, representing a shopping list app, is described. This is followed by a specification of the autopoietic repertoire, followed by the full repertoire of the shopping list. The advantages of this approach is basically two-fold: a natural language specification is self-evident; moreover, it results in a rich, tiered interface of repertoires supporting repertoires. This paper is validated by an aural information system, publicly available on various mobile platforms.
Wheatman, Martin. (2014). An Autopoietic Repertoire. 165-170. 10.1007/978-3-319-12069-0_11.